What is the vacuum table?

What is the vacuum table?

Periodically, each engineer is faced with a situation where harvesting fixation is not a trivial task. There are several basic types of parts, which mount on the machine each time requires considerable ingenuity:

  • sheet blanks are processed throughout the plane;
  • thin-sheet material (3 mm) made of metal, plastic, glass;
  • thin-walled body parts, do not allow the use of conventional clamps;
  • soft material is easily deformed under the load;
  • small parts of complex shape are processed in a single setup.

To address these challenges at each enterprise has its own sets of equipment, developed special methods of processing, often using a special tool. But in the world, there are two similar technologies fixing parts, greatly facilitates the work of technologists. This mount due to vacuum created between the workpiece and the reference surface of the device.


Vacuum tables and vacuum fastening systems