Repair kits

Repair kits

Repair and maintenance kits are intended for routine maintenance of vacuum pumps and pumps. Using our repair and maintenance kits guarantees trouble-free operation of vacuum pumps, spare parts and clamping accessories.

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Article №. Type, outer diameter, mm
ВРК-000-0014 Vacuum Repair Kit 14 m3/h
ВРК-000-0021 Vacuum Repair Kit 21 m3/h
ВРК-000-0029 Vacuum Repair Kit 29 m3/h
ВРК-000-0040 Vacuum Repair Kit 40 m3/h
ВРК-000-0060 Vacuum Repair Kit 60 m3/h

A repait kit contains:
  • rubber seals
  • inspection gage
  • oil filter
  • rings
  • consumables to ensure trouble-free pumping.