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Sinus vacuum table

Sinus grooved vacuum table for securing articles with holes and / or through the milling / drilling / well as grinding, for fixing workpieces with a small contact area (small parts, blanks with a large number of holes and windows), including the presence of irregularities on the treated surface (up to Rz 6,3).
Use the flat pads with high coefficient of friction, you can create additional stress on the shear plane of the workpiece relative to consolidate. Features flat mats allow the operator to straight-through processing, without losing the vacuum, with the possibility of processing a workpiece with a 5-minute sides in a single setup.

Advantages sinus flute vacuum table:

  • Adjustment in 2 planes, the angle of inclination of 5°/5° (Angle - depending upon request)
  • The absence of deformations
  • High strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High accuracy
  • Use the flat pads with high coefficient of friction
  • Ability to straight-through processing of external and internal circuit