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VAC&FIX MAXI Vacuum Units with Increased Vacuum Capacity

Compressors with a power range from 106 m3/h to 305 m3/h are used in working with vacuum table at a high loss of vacuum. The units are designed for mounting on the machine tool table of porous materials, in the case of high clamping surfaces which are not completely closed by the workpiece. The unit is environmentally friendly through the use of gaskets oil free.

  1. Vacuum pump.
  2. Air filter.
  3. Vacuum the battery with a capacity of coolant.
  4. Automation unit.
  5. The drain valve.
  6. Antivibration mountings.

Download catalog:
Vacuum tables and vacuum fastening systems.pdf

Article No. a, mm b, mm c, mm
ВА3-000-1040 600 1412 2020
ВА3-000-2040 600 1429 2020
ВА3-000-3040 600 1429 2020

Article No. Capacity, m3/h Motor power,
Coolant shed volume, l Weight, kg
ВА3-000-1040 106 2,2/400 100 137
ВА3-000-2040 205 4,0/400 500 420
ВА3-000-3040 305 7,5/400 500 420