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Vacuum porous table

Vacuum porous tables are made of porous material and intended for machining of thin sheets, including foils. Uniform structure of the plate working surface gives some location area to position and fix a workpiece without further clamping device adjustment. A pressing force in this case will depend on the total area of the contact surface of the vacuum table and the workpiece and the quality of the processing reference surface of the workpiece.
Vacuum porous table are made of various materials differing in structure and properties (compacted materials with homogeneously porous structure or sintered materials: bronze, steel, aluminum). Vacuum tables can be performed with precision in the plane of the working surface 5 µm.

The principle of operation of the vacuum table you can find in the ARTICLES.

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Vacuum tables and vacuum fastening systems.pdf

Article Type a, mm b, mm c, mm Weight, kg
ВСА-103-2020 Vacuum porous table 200 200 32,5 3,2
ВСА-103-2030 Vacuum porous table 200 300 32,5 6
ВСА-103-3040 Vacuum porous table 300 400 32,5 11
ВСА-113-2020 Modular vacuum porous table 200 200 32,5 3,2
ВСА-113-2030 Modular vacuum porous table 300 400 32,5 6
ВСА-113-3040 Modular vacuum porous table 500 500 32,5 11


The principle of modularity allows you to connect several vacuum tables. Vacuum supply to each table is supported by the couplings.

Options Application
Cooling and lubricating fluid is allowed -
Cut-through operations +
Modular design +
Machining of foil +
Customer design available +