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Combined vacuum tables

The frame design makes it possible to produce vacuum in multiple chambers between the workpiece and rubber frame. This allows cut-through machining (openings cutting, gaping, one-set perimeter machining, etc.). The frames are of standard size 300x200x2,42 mm and considered consumables to be replaces as far as it wears. Combined vacuum tables configurations are available, including, among other vacuum fixtures, modular design.

The principle of operation of the vacuum table you can find in the ARTICLES.

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Article No. Type а, мм в, мм с, мм Weight, kg
ВСА-104-2030 Combined vacuum table 200 300 32,5 5
ВСА-104-3040 Combined vacuum table 300 400 32,5 10
ВСА-104-4060 Combined vacuum table 400 600 32,5 20


  • The principle of modularity allows you to connect several vacuum tables. Vacuum supply to each table is supported by the couplings.
  • Combined vacuum tables are made of high-strength aluminum.

Option Application
Cooling and lubricating fluid is allowed +
Cut-through operations +
Modular design +
Machining of foil -
Customer design available +